Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Black hole or the wide, free universe?

"I want to call on every responsible European to resist the centrifugal tendencies and existential alarmism." Olli Rehn, the Finnish EU Commissioner is reported in the press this morning as making this plea in respect of the present crisis facing the inevitable and long predicted demise of the euro currency. The EU is a black hole, sucking the wealth, democracy, independence and future aspirations of Europe's citizens towards its centre where all is crushed under the massive strains of its corruption and incompetence. These coming days will prove a test of whether any of its surviving satellite democracies still have the will to break free. George Osborne carries a great weight on his youthful shoulders today in Ecofin - this blog offers him luck and fortitude and the hint that what Alistair Darling signed last May had no legal substance as Darling had by then lost the authority to sign, it having already been removed by the British electorate at the ballot box!



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