Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MEP Troughers get no January fattening increases!

The disgusting, self-serving, troughing MEPs will be forced to make do on the same huge salaries, pensions and perks that they received one year ago also in January 2011, no increase iun the 2011 EU Budget having been agreed. So it would appear from this article in EU Observer, linked here. Knowing the almost complete lack of morals, decency and integrity of the vast majority of these MEP EU-filth usually display, we can anticipate that they will probably push through all the planned increases for their own benefits in January 2011 and cut programs for the supposed benefits of EU Citizens to compensate. If only all funds to the EU could be stopped from 1st January 2011, how much less austerity would the rest of Europe have to bear and how much closer to a solution to the euro currency crisis we would all be!



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