Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eurozone Ecofin should concentrate on Spain

Much furore over Ireland and Portugal this morning as the MSM belatedly catches up with the real crisis of the moment. The eurozone finance ministers meeting today to consider building firewalls for Ireland and Portugal should instead concentrate on Spain where Europe's peace was similarly first threatened in the nineteen thirties. If Spain's economy can be fortified and held, a carefully considered de-construction of the Euro could be accomplished and a democratic replacement established for the takeover of the deeplycorrupted EU Institutions. (See my post on Teetering Tories earlier this morning) Leaving such a crucial task in the hands of the leaders who have wrought this damage would be the worst act of insanity and almost certainly gurantee its failure. If German Chancellor Angela Merkel is serious about wishing to save the EU, read here, she should call upon the services of those economists and finance specialists who have warned for decades that the euro-currency project was ever doomed to fail and at the same time employ Swiss Constitutional Law experts who grasp the concepts of multi-lingual democratic constructs.



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