Sunday, November 14, 2010

Today's Cenotaph wreath laying is a PR sham.

The correct moment for Remembrance last week was at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the exact anniversary of the World War One armistice when the guns fell silent after the first German attempt to impose their hegemony over the entire European Continent. This year that moment came last Thursday and in many parts of Europe it was duly observed with those slaughtered being properly remembered and honoured. When I was young traffic stopped at that instant to allow for proper observance of the period of silence. This later became an inconvenience in Britain, where 11th November was an ordinary working day unlike in other parts of Europe, so Remembrance was displaced to Sunday. So detached from our own recent history and trivialised by our shallow media have we become, that yesterday I read an article directed at our nation's youth, which implied they needed guidance as to how to occupy their minds during the sombre two minutes. I have an alternative suggestion for them: Given the fact that proper regard to our fallen heroes was given last Thursday, and remembering that all the beliefs and values for which they died have now been trashed by our self-serving, expense manipulating, political classes I propose we consider the depth of the betrayal of the three political leaders standing clutching their wreaths in front of the Cenotaph and the treachery and hypocrisy of the political parties they represent. These men, the latest in a long line of similarly sinister liars and tricksters, have betrayed not just their country but the sacrifice of all those who fought and died for its independence and democracy down the centuries. In the two minutes of silence, think on the implications of the thoughts well conveyed in the poem beneath this posting that I put on this blog yesterday, think of the treachery that drove all three parties to deprive us of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty which entered into power only one year ago on the 1st December yet has already cost us dear in no longer having our own foreign representation but also made our police forces dance to the tune of foreigners!



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