Wednesday, November 10, 2010

EU Commissioner Barnier refuses to appear before MPs

The influential Frenchman charged with dismantling the worldwide influence, capabilities and wealth creation of the City of London has refused to appear before MPs in Westminster to explain the new regulatory bodies and their powers which will begin work on the foregoing objectives from the beginning of next year. Perhaps now MPs and Parliament will begin to grasp the full extent of the disaster they have delivered to our once Sovereign nation and vote to begin reversing this calamity. A report is in the Daily Telegraph, linked here. Background from the Commons here. The following quote is from the former City Minister in 2009 reported in the Guardian, linked here:

Myners said: "What we could not live with is an agreement at a European level that would have had domestic fiscal consequences for domestic governments.

"That is why sSupervision of individual institutions must remain a matter for national supervisors. We will strongly defend this principle at the forthcoming European Council meeting."

Barnier's 12th October 2010 speech to the World Federation of Exchanges, only available from his Europa website in French, which says it all in terms of the ideas of the Commissioner and the relevance the EU will in future have on a globalised world's markets. Trying to get the information with a trick I sometimes use when trying to keep English speakers aware of the underhand activities of the evil EU, ie deleting "fr" in the url of pdf documents with "en" only achieves the following result with this document:

The information you requested is not available in the language of your choice.

To access the information in one of the available languages, please select one of the following links

So this is how the City of London, Europe's main financial hub, is to be kept abreast of the thinking of the unelected official who has ultimate control of those who will regulate the City.

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Blogger Robert said...

It does not surprise me that an EU commissioner will not talk to our MPs. When have they ever told the people or their representatives what they are doing? They are not accountable to anyone, just themselves and the project.

Thank you for an interesting series of posts over the last weeks. You deserve a better following going by the number of comments you receive.

8:58 AM  

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