Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Treasures from the threads - Number fifty-one

The following comment which deals with all the many flaws of the EU almost at a stroke, comes as a comment to an item on the Euro's demise by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (who ends by sympathising with old friends in the EU about to lose their pensions):
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It is an entirely good thing that the EU is going to break up. Not only is it good for all the countries of this region, but it will serve as an example to all countries all over the world that these sorts of union are undoable. The African Union with its fiat 'Afro' is doomed; after all, if the 'white' people cannot do it, they will claim that it should not be even tried. The same goes for the NAU and all the other nascent unions. This will not be tried again for two hundred years, at least Herman Van Rompuy is a globalist, anti liberty bureaucrat of the worst kind, in charge of an entirely unrepresentative, morally and financially bankrupt institution. These people should not be left in charge of box of cereal, much less the money and lawmaking for of hundreds of millions of people. The EU was a fundamentally flawed idea that had its foul origins in Germany. That it has gotten this far with its outrageous rules and regulations is a testament to the weakness of the people living in the sovereign states that make it up. That being said, the Irish voted against expansion, only to be told to go back and vote again until they get it right. This is the most clear example of the vulgar totalitarianism of the EU. The European Union, for the sake of the liberty of all the people who live on that continent, must be broken up and abandoned permanently. It is the only way that each country can insulate itself from economic and cultural shocks. Nation states, for all their ills, serve a purpose that mimics the biological function of a skin; they act as a membrane keeping out diseases like bad money and bad people. When that membrane is taken away, you get contagion flowing freely, as well as totalitarianism, unwelcome immigration and cultural erosion. None of these things profit the people who live in a country. If they did, no one would mind them. The fact of the matter is that the EU is entirely harmful to the people who live in the nations of it. They know it now, not only through their gut feelings, but in their pockets as the Greeks, Irish, Portuguese steal their money. The launch of the Euro was not premature what exactly are you saying? Are you saying that if it had been launched at an auspicious time, that it would be legitimate? The Euro is illegitimate and inherently flawed, and its nature would not change no matter when it was launched. It is a worthless, immoral fiat currency, controlled by a foreign central bank that is unaccountable, remote and destructive of value. The economies, legal systems, wage bargaining practices, productivity growth, and interest rate sensitivity, of North and South Europe are all irrelevant to the nature of the euro, and you should already understand this having conceded that the dollar is fundamentally flawed, printing money is immoral, and that the Federal Reserve should be abolished. Delors told colleagues that any crisis would be a “beneficial crisis” Hmmm. This sounds just like a 'conspiracy theory' doesn't it? And what would the benefit of a dollar crisis be, are the two crises being engineered deliberately to benefit the creation of a world currency and world government in a New World Order, the sovereign nations of the world being forced to give up national sovereignty? Anyone should be able to extrapolate that scenario from your words. Greece has been effectively colonised by the ECG and the Germans. Ireland and Portugal are next. The populations of these countries have not got a clue about what is happening to them; they just want their 'benefits' to flow uninterrupted. None of this could be done without central banks and fraudulent fiat currencies. Keynesians and their witchcraft economics are what has made this power grab possible. Shame on you all for peddling and for continuing to peddle this nonsense. As for political ownership of these policies, this might be the undoing of the EU. If the truth about all of this should spread, and the blame placed correctly, the EU will take the fall instead of the national governments. I cannot see Silvio taking the fall for Van Rompuy. The EU was illegitimate long before the rejection of the EU Constitution. It is illegitimate for one generation of people to give up the birthrights of future generations. The people today should no more be able to go into debt for future people to pay back than they should be able to vote to cede sovereignly to a foreign power. As for Ireland, they spent generations spilling their blood to be free. Now they are giving it all up for pieces of worthless paper. With any luck, they will find their spines and cut themselves off from this bankrupt, corrupting and purely destructive EU monster once and for all.



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