Tuesday, November 23, 2010

EU threatens Irish voters

The Irish Times has the report, linked here, from which comes the essence in these quotes:

While it is the practice of European authorities not to comment on the internal politics of member states, three well-placed sources said it was clear it would not be possible to agree a bailout programme with a caretaker administration.

“From our perspective, it is important that the Government is able to represent Ireland in the talks,” said a senior source.

“It would be very unpleasant if there was nobody to talk to. That would be very irresponsible.”

To bring down the Government at this point would make a difficult situation much worse, the source added.

EU officials, spokespeople, Commissioners and MEPS must soon learn that without the consent of the voters of the former nation states of Europe they are nothing and are owed nothing. While at the site of the Irish paper take the time to enjoy the cartoon, linked here, which appears on the front of the print edition this morning and illustrates the hapless Irish leader torn between the EU and the IMF.



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