Friday, November 26, 2010

Chaos abounds yet EU Reform is never even mentioned - Why?

Search as I may through all the talk of the euro currency's collapse, just as I predicted both this monday and the one before, nowhere can I find any suggestion that the number one priority for any economic reform in the EU is a restoration of democracy and a root and branch culling of the corruption that is so deeply ingrained within the many EU intstitutions.

The Fake European Parliament's budget for next year still remains unagreed so a perfect opportunity exists to send all those MEPs back to their own countries for a years unpaid sabbatical giving the people of the EU some considerable saving of expenses and a welcome break from the endless production of pointless and wealth destroying legislation. Shortly after could follow all the EU Commissioners, the five Presidents (according to my rough count) and absurd High Representative. A year for reflection seems a perfect starting point!

With the distraction of the ridiculous single currency soon out of the way, and no further EU meetings for one whole year, perhaps Europe's national leaders could devote the year to putting their own economies in order!



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