Friday, November 26, 2010

EU crushes last essence of democracy

The Irish Times, reviewing the terms of the four year agreement made by the crippled Irish Government, linked here, states the following:

REVIEW: THE FOUR-year plan will be reviewed every year but adjustments which cut expenditure savings or tax yields must be accompanied by measures to make up an equivalent amount elsewhere, the EU Commission has said.
Although the spokesman for economics commissioner Olli Rehn said the provision for an annual review meant elements of the plan were “not set in stone”, he added that only European finance ministers had the power to change the 2014 deadline for the achievement of a 3 per cent budget deficit.
This means that any incoming government may have scope to put their own stamp on the plan next year but not to change the fiscal parameters in which it operates.

The EU clearly has no concept of what democracy involves, one of the most fundamental tenets being:



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