Monday, November 29, 2010

All Irish opposition parties set to vote down budget

The report in this morning's Irish Times may be read from here.

Robbing Ireland's pension funds seems the latest ploy to continue the insane profiteering of the German, French and British bankers who with their large corporate clients and shareholders are now the sole beneficiaries from the increasingly totalitarian tyranny that the EU has quite clearly and deliberately become.

The indifference to the truly shocking terms of the Irish bailout package in the media of the UK this morning speaks volumes on the stupidity and poltical disinterest of the once astute natives of the British Isles.



Blogger strapworld said...

I think, from a UK point of view, that the most important sentence in the Irish times article is this:-
"Britain will lend nearly €8 billion, including €4 billion in a direct bilateral loan. The British have won a major concession from EU partners, particularly the Germans, by ensuring the UK will not be automatically part of any euro-rescue packages after 2013."

By 2013 Portugal, Possibly Belgium and Spain will require assistance. that does mean that despite all the assurances to the contrary by Osborne and Cameron the UK WILL have to assist any bail out.

7:44 AM  

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