Monday, November 29, 2010

Treasures from the threads - Number fifty-four

Comment to a Daily Telegraph column, linked here, I recommend the following:

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In terms of financial support, the EU is propped up by two main countries, UK & Germany. ( France puts a big chunk in but takes it all out again.) Surveys in the UK consistently run between 63-75% of people who want out of the EU. In Germany, the surveys run at around 80%, despite their population being less aware of the problems with the EU than our own. We should not think ill of the German people, they hate this whole charade as much as we do. They have also been betrayed by their politicians of all parties and have also been denied a referendum (sounds familiar?). It is the EU that is our enemy, not the German people. As long as we concentrate on old issues and rivalries, the EU can play the peace and harmony card and divert attention from its real activities.

The artificial construct of the EU has no honest or meaningful foundation in terms of democractic principles or popular mandate, let alone freedom of the individual and respect for nations' sovereignty. It is a sham, whereby several tens of thousands of self-serving individuals are holding 500million people to ransom by seeking to control every aspect of our lives and our national economies.

The EU's destination is, was and can only be Totalitarianism. This is clearly evidenced by the powers it has amassed over 7 treaties, countless regulations and directives, along with the construction of its own judiciary, police and paramilitary police. Add to this the swathes of politicians and public servants in each of the member states who have thrown in their lot with the EU for personal gain, and we are faced with a huge problem that must be tackled head on.

The immediate future for western Europe will be bloody and chaotic. The EU will seek to expand their control with every crisis. Look out for the highlights such as complete financial control, loss of freedom of speech and individual rights, declarations of emergency powers, and perhaps even some 'show trials' of anti-state individuals to establish their regeime credentials in history.

The UK can survive and will flourish beyond the shackles of the EU. When the UK leaves the EU, the German people will be desperate to follow. Let us hope that this will finally end the nightmare, and allow Europe to return to democracy and freedom.


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