Friday, December 03, 2010

Football - a truly ugly game

The angst in the English press and media this morning over the failed attempt to host the football world cup in 2018 is truly something to behold. Of main interest to me is what it clearly illustrates about the quality of Britain's present political leadership, thoughts on which you may read on Teetering Tories, linked here.

Football has become such a money besmirched horror story that it ceased to be of any interest to me many decades ago; but I will make one suggestion in the aftermath of the William/Cameron/Beckham fiasco. Why not make all the changes to the rule book of the English Football Association that many have been proposing for years but have been resisted by Fifa?  It seems to me that Fifa have wished to leave their officials with opportunities to change match results, something they may have been able to freely do in the years before present technological innovations.  Other sports, where money is not the god, but rather the joy of the game itself, have accepted such technological developments and have been undoubtedly improved as a result.

Of course England will be excluded for a while from international competition, but I am sure my great-uncle, the first amateur trainer and co-founder of an FA football club in France, would have been the first to argue that kicking the ball around on local playing fields all around the world is the true spirit of English football. How long before other countries' football associations would take up the revised rule book whereby the best teams had equal chances of victory?

Football stinks. I am amazed people pay the money they do to perpetuate such inequitable rottenness - no wonder it attracts crowd violence.



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