Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Italian downgrade by S&P rocks the Euro in Asia & Von Rompuy at UN.

Standard and Poor's cut by one notch to A of Italy's sovereign debt rating, is yet one further move on the march towards reality for the EU.

The lunatic buying of Italian debt by the effectively unsupported ECB can be seen to be even more obscenely absurd as a result of this move, all as so clearly spelt out in the interview in Der Spigel, of yesterday, with the head of the Bundesbank, linked here.

In spite of this move and the ongoing, agonising and offensive negotiations with Greece, the appointed head of the corrupt, unaudited and overspending EU entity, the ludicrous and offensive Herman Von Rompuy will insult some 500 million European citizens by presuming to address the General Assembly of the United Nations on their supposed behalf. Sovereign European Nations states should require their Ambassadors to refuse to attend during this address, as a protest against this affront!

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Blogger Robert said...

The 'sovereign' European states knowingly signed up to this once they accepted the Lisbon Treaty. The train rolls on until it hits the buffers.

8:05 AM  
Blogger The Boiling Frog said...

@Robert less hitting the buffers, but smashing right through them. In fact it will probably look a little like this:


11:41 AM  

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