Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mary Ellen Synon on Prof. Markus Kerber!

Nice to see ME Synon back on the Daily Mail Blog, today she writes about a speech by Professor Kerber in Brussels last evening, linked here. Yesterday she discussed the Bundesbank stance vs the ECB, which has already been extensively covere on this blog, but MES is always worth reading so that is also linked from here.

The conclusion to today's posting was as follows:

But Kerber's argument stands -- that the bailouts are against European treaty law and against the German constitution because they endanger the monetary stability of the country. More, the bailouts endanger German sovereignty because they leave the German taxpayer at the mercy of decisions taken by the EU insitutions, instead of by the German government and parliament.
The German people are becoming more and more aware of this truth: that continued German government agreement to bail-outs will leave them with no power, but with an unlimited liability. The Germans will not let this go on.
'The euro experiment is effectively over.' said Kerber. 'Now it must be brought to a close.'



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