Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cameron and Coulson, the stain on Downing Street re-visited!

As Parliament resumed one year ago, I wrote a posting, linked here, which began as follow:

Cameron's stain on Downing Street - Andy Coulson!

Any self-respecting Conservative Party voter should look at the output of any typical edition of the scandal sheet that appeared every sunday in Britain between 2003 and 2007 under the title News of the World, as edited by Andy Coulson and ponder what moral compass could be possessed by a Prime Minister who would appoint such a man as Head of Communications at Number 10 Downing Street, the publicly owned property assigned for the use of the nation's presiding political leader.

In the intervening period, while Cameron has consistently ignored the growing crisis within the EU that is now about to finally swamp our nation, admittedly caused by the low-life scumbags of the Labour Party leadership now gathering in Liverpool, I have also returned from time to time to the topic of Andy Coulson, read here, Coulson is again in the headlines of the British press, read here, reminding us that our Prime Minister, at this crucial moment, has thereby rendered himself as unfit for his office!

Further more, as I indicated when writing the following over one year ago, the leadership of the Liberal Democrats are now similarly implicated through their non-action, in the corruption that clearly riddles the British political party system:

Liberal Democrats not wishing to now become tarred by the same brush of sleaze, half-truths and downright untruths which the Downing Street media manipulation machine has become over recent years should quickly re-examine the backgrounds and lack of integrity and judgement that seems to be the rule among the leadership of their coalition partners as Parliament re-convenes after its long break during the past crisis ridden summer.

The LibDems chose not so to do, Britain is thus left without any party of integrity at Westminster as the economies of our Continental Partners, upon whom our politicians have chosen to squander this nation's wealth, face economic collapse! Worse all as constantly predicted on this blog, and others, over many, many years!



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