Saturday, September 24, 2011

Anguished Analysts & Tormented Tipsters N° 1

As the wealth of Europe melts before our eyes and the consequences of the obscene waste and high-living life-styles of those who have deceitfully driven the EU project forward over the past few years, seemingly entirely for their own personal gains in power, prestige and tax limited pensions, grow daily more evident, I felt it would be salutary to expose some of their market based individual facilitators and their employees to exposure, particularly in view of the mass of video footage and other data now available and lying around unremarked on the internet.

I pondered, over night, whether such a series would be overly harsh on the individuals involved, but have cast aside such doubts when considering the damage, lost wealth and misery they have surely caused their victims.

Thus for the first such entry I have chosen a Mr Hoffmann-Becking who on 31st March of this year, upgraded his rating on French banks thereafter appearing on Bloomberg to push that channel's viewers into buying and thus investing in the shares of the three major french banks. I cannot embed the video as, perhaps understably, embedding has been disabled by request, but you may view it from the following link:

In the period of less than six months since this buy recommendation was made on TV, the stocks of the 3 banks have declined by an average of 37%. A good benchmark to begin this new feature of this blog! What bets on where the losses will lie after one year?

Credit Agricole from €12.01 to €4.22
BNP from €53.23 to €23.06
SG from €47.38 to €15.56
Any readers with candidates for this new blog section may email details to me at my usual address martin.cole on gmail!



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