Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The growing stench from the "Screws of the World" reveals BBC Peston's warped mind.

The man under whose editorship senior police officers were apparently paid off and who went on to run the Downing Street machine and become the most trusted advisor to our weak minded Prime Minister are but the latest in the list of revelations of sordid activities and the putrid stench of absolute corruption across high palces now being revealed by the News of the World (NoW) phone tapping scandal.

Yet have we not all known that the paper was a disgusting rag, which in my day people would only admit buying for its supposed high class sports coverage? But it is not just among the two and a half million odd Briton's who weekly buy the paper, where its malign influence has been inculcated into society. Consider the words of BBC Business Editor Robert Peston on the Radio 4 Today programme, this morning.

Referring to the BSkyB board, who are awaitng a Government Approved takeover offer from the men and women behind the corrupt NoW, Peston stated that their reaction to the prospect of being controlled by such filth, could only be to "ask for more money"!

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