Monday, July 04, 2011

EUWünderState - EU Citizens' Initiative Referenda to become Registration Vehicles to identify the EU's Doubters

Any pretence by the EU that its attempts to listen more closely to the voices and interests of the people who have to live and work under the evermore arbitrary, interfering and totalitarian EU, invariably end up as merely extending the powers and snooping ability of this foul and contemptible construct.

Thus it is with citizens' initiatives, the sole supposed item with a whiff of consulting the people which emerged from the Constitutional, EU Reform, Lisbon Treaty.

Happily lack of money, presently seems to be stifling the concept, as reported in this article from EurActiv, but it also reports on how the idea seems to be likely to become hijacked as a means of tracking and recording those EU citizens who might have the temerity to suggest that there is anything at all wrong with our new Orwellian Paradise!

When the money is found (as inevitably almost always seems to be the case in corrupt institutions) think twice before appending your name to anything that might suggest some area of the EUWünderState could be improved!



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