Saturday, July 02, 2011

Let's disband Luxembourg

A really good review of the first of the two ghastly Jean-Claudes now destroying the economies of all the former nations of the EU, this time I mean Juncker, not Trichet, is in the Business Spectator, linked here, titled 'The phantom giant of Luxembourg' by Dr Oliver Marc Hartwich, which contains these gems:

Unfortunately, his preference for backroom deals does not square with the most basic principles of democratic and transparent government that European leaders usually like to talk about. Juncker’s open admissions about his (lack of) understanding of democratic process are legendary.

 Just a few weeks ago, Juncker made it clear that his philosophy was still the same. "I am for secret, dark debates between a few responsible people", he told a gathering in Brussels and admitted that he often had to lie in order not to feed rumours

The article ends with this crushing concluding paragraph:

 Looking at the history of the euro crisis, with its endless crisis summits and secret diplomacy, it is impossible to overlook the handwriting of euro group chief Jean-Claude Juncker. By confusing Luxembourg’s interests with an imaginary European ‘reason of state’, Juncker is one of the main culprits for Europe’s sad state of affairs, both economically and politically. The tail is wagging the dog to death.

It is this very man, who is today working the telephones to extend the misery of the euro for ever greater numbers of Europeans, sacrificed for the self-interests of the likes of this Luxembourger!



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