Thursday, June 30, 2011

EU master plan proceeds exactly according to plan!


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The Deputy Prime Minister of Greece, made the following statement in that subjugated nation's one time sovereign parliament yesterday:

"A return to the drachma would mean that on the following day banks would be surrounded by terrified people trying to withdraw their money, the army would have to protect them with tanks because there would not be enough police."
"There would be riots everywhere, shops would be empty, some people would throw themselves out the window."

ALL THAT exactly as the sinister forces behind the EU have carefully contrived and planned over many decades, relying for eventual success on the self-serving greed of national politicians and the desire for a quiet life and free lunches by the citizen's of Europe's former democratic nation states!

Outside that same building the iron fist of the EU tyranny was on full display, as the same report from EU Observer, linked here, goes on to make clear:

Meanwhile, outside the chamber, some 5000 riot police firing volley after volley of tear gas and stun grenades at a largely peaceful crowd, including into a makeshift hospital in central Syntagma Square, those present described the scene as less the quashing of a riot than the suppression of a popular uprising.

A local television channel, Skai TV, has reported hundreds of injuries, the majority arising from breathing difficulties arising from the gas.

Protesters insisted that the majority of people in the square facing down what they described as "chemical warfare" had gathered peacefully, with only small numbers of "provocateurs" challenging the police.

The head of the country's pharmacists' association has accused the police of criminal actions and pleaded for the gassing to end.

The upping of the repression on Wednesday follows on from attempts by authorities to clear the square using gas during a free protest concert on Tuesday night featuring famous Greek celebrities including Vasilis Papaconstantinou, the namesake of the former finance minister.

As thousands sat on the ground, police encircled the concert and sprayed into the crowd for more than an hour, according to eyewitnesses. People held out despite the heavy gassing but eventually were forced to give up.



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