Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Evil EU to support Murderous North Korea!


European Commission - Press release
The European Commission will give emergency food aid to North Korea

Brussels, 04 July 2011 - The European Commission will provide emergency food aid to more than half a million people at risk of dying from serious malnutrition in North Korea, amid growing fears of a worsening hunger crisis. 

The North Korean regime should be toppled. Any institution supporting the continuation of its tyranny is clearly supporting that tyranny. The government of North Korea are murdering their own people!

The EU is now making itself, and the taxpayers who provide it with its resources and the citizens whose votes allow it to continue to exist, and the national political leaders who sustain it in power in the longer term aim of their own self-enrichment, should ALL hang their heads in shame!

The EU should be judged by the causes it supports, as it is already being judged by the financial markets for its economic incompetence, misgovernance and continuing lies over the real intent and end result of its long term policies!

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