Monday, July 04, 2011

Post-EU German Imperialism stamps on Britain's Canadian Conjugality!

Even at the height of a Royal Visit to Canada, the now triumphant German crushing machine cannot resist ramming home the power they now hold, that twice in the last century our forefathers valiantly fought, and often died to prevent. One report from Canada is here!

German firm Siemens, will build the new equipment for the 1200 new trains for London's North/South Commuter link putting 2,000 British workers in Derby on to the dole and dependent on Britain's taxpayers, already bled dry by the EU to restore Continental prosperity and destroy our own former international markets.

We can all console ourselves with the thought that Clegg's EU pension remains assured, and that Cameron's future as a member of the EU ruling elite is assured for both himself and his heirs!

Is there any single individual in Britain, who believes that a similar contract in Germany could ever have been awarded to Bombardier?



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