Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Coalition Government Ministers and Cabinet connive in destroying Britain's Railways Manafacturing.

The economy of the East Midlands has received a body blow from the traitors now running Britain.

The BBC Radio 4 'Today' programme, at around 6:40 am this morning interviewed a Professor from Hull University and expert on EU procurement practises, which the French and Germans apparently correctly operate in a manner to protect local suppliers and thus ensure mainly French built rolling stock runs in France with the same being true in Germany.

The BBC in its summary of today's programme makes no mention of this gentleman's appearence on the programme, nor of what he so tellingly decribed - dereliction of duty by Britain's Political and Civil Service leaders, and the treachery of its publicly financed State Broadcaster, the BBC.

I have found this web page, which I assume relates to the Professor concerned, although I did not catch his name, it is linked here and plainly illustrates his knowledge of the field of EU procurement and how it is manipulated on the Continent, but not in Britain.

Please read last evenings posting on this same topic immediately below or from here.

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