Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Farage - Sack the EU - Commission, Parliament & Court of Justice - Hear, hear!

H/T Calling England.

Note what I said on Ironies, eight years ago on 13th July 2003, in response to the supposed eu-sceptic speech by then Conservative Party Leader, Iain Duncan Smith in Prague on 10th July:

The New Europe of which he speaks, 'A Europe of free nations. Sovereign and freedom loving. A Europe of democracies. Strong national parliaments and vigorous local politics', can only come about with the dismantling of the existing institutions the only trigger for which, at least that I can envisage, would be a believable threat of British withdrawal. A total rejection across the board of the constitution drafted by VGdE might just be a less likely detonator. The third possibility, a collapse of the Euro would probably make things worse

The entire post can be found halfway down this link. The red lettered emphasis has been added today, as that looks to be what is now actually about to occur!

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