Thursday, June 09, 2011

New Irish Government further crushed by EU might!

Soon the Portuguese will learn the pointlessness of their elections last Sunday.

In Ireland the true message of EU callousness and pure brute force in the acquisition of complete economic control, is slowly sinking in to their recently cobbled together government, the following quote is from an item in the Irish Times this morning, linked here.

THE GOVERNMENT has conceded it is seeking a smaller reduction in the interest rate of the EU-International Monetary Fund bailout package than the 1 per cent originally sought, and only on the remaining money it has yet to draw down.

On whether the strong Euro Group economies really have any inherent strength, and the true disgrace behind the compulsory sale of Greek assets, without the people's consent, may I suggest reading the top two postings (19th and 31st May) on the blog linked here.



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