Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to save €63 Billion this year alone!

The EU Budget for 2011 is illustrated above, as derived from a House of Lords document linked here and on this blog earlier today.

With two weeks to go until we reach the halfway point of the year, and a meeting of the leaders of the 27 EU Member States scheduled before the end of the month; why do not the citizens of the EU press for the whole EU monstrosity to be brought to a halt.

Six months of thought, on what, if anything might replace it, may well lead us to assume that we can well do without it, and save ever greater amounts of money which are planned to increase at 5% plus, every year thereafter. This could be just what Europe's strapped economies really need.

On top of these savings, of course, will be vast extra sums saved on the expenses of our own national politicians in their regular trips to Brussels etc., they too and their hangers-on might also free up extra time to devote to their own nation's problems, instead of wining and dining and concluding nothing can be done!



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