Wednesday, June 15, 2011

♫ The Pain in Spain is All Incurred in Vain♫

Politicians were today helicoptered in to the Catalan Parliament to avoid protests! Indeed, as per this posting's headline, "The pain in Spain is all incurred in vain," is surely now the case as in Greece, where thirteen months of austerity has all been for absolutely nothing, so too now in Spain, as reported here.

Britain's former Prime Minister, the lying Tony Blair, ensured Parliament could never be surrounded by law-abiding protesters in Westminster, in his disgraceful Civil Contingencies Act, but elsewhere, such as in Barcelona this morning, politicians conniving in the further bankruptcy of their country on behalf of the EU and thus the further advancement of EU subjugation, had to be flown in by helicopter, to avoid their citizen's protests.

The protesters in Greece have announced their intention to surround the Greek Parliament today to prevent the signing of a new memorandum with the EU, which will hand that country's assets to the very banks that have brought about the euro's coming collapse.



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