Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Greek newspaper calls for snap election

The Comment, just posted on the internet in english, from Ekathimerini, is linked here, and the following is a small quote:

It’s high time that Papandreou made up his mind. Under normal circumstances, it would make sense if he waited for the Greek Parliament to vote on the midterm fiscal plan, weigh the reaction of the European Union and then make a decision.

But these are not normal circumstances. In society as well as in Parliament one can see the emergence of violent dynamics that allow no room for endless discussions and speculation. People can see clearly that they are ruled by a bad government and a prime minister who has no clear plan about where he wants to take the country.

One solution -- a solution fraught with peril though -- would be to hold a snap election. That scenario, of course, contains the risk of a suspension of payments in the middle of campaign period. It would also be a shock for Greece’s European partners and lenders who, driven by the belief that Greece’s leaders and society are unable to handle the crisis, would start generating scenarios of a Greek exit from the eurozone. That said, a general election would provide some sort of catharsis, as it were.



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