Friday, June 10, 2011

Christine Lagarde must wait until 8th July for France's Court of Justice.

Bernard Tapie was a name tinged with scandal during the nineteen-nineties, read here.

Controversially he was subsequently awarded substantial damages in which case the role of the front-running contender for the next head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, has been considered as subject to an enquiry by the French Court of Justice. Read a report from The Guardian, linked here.

According to a report just issued the decision of that Court will now not be revealed until 8th July, instead of today as originally expected.

It appears it may be prudent, as this date falls right in the middle of the period of consideration of candidates for the IMF post, for the emerging nations to get behind, and gather US support for another candidate before the deadline arrives at the end of today.

Surely, neither l'honneur de la France nor the pride of the IMF, could survive two consecutive sessions of court proceeding interfere with the smooth running of this hugely important institution at this moment of worldwide economic peril?



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