Friday, June 10, 2011

Referenda-itis spreads to Greece

In the last few days the Greek Prime Minister has been on record as hinting that he would grant a referendum on the ongoing crisis in his country. The Wall Street Journal,for example on 6th June headlined a report as follows "Greek PM: Would Consider Referendum On Reforms, If Needed".

By the time he had been to Brussels and a meeting with Euro Group head Juncker, this was his attitude to such an anti-authoritarian and totalitarian taming concept, read full report from here, from which comes this taster:

Prime Minister George Papandreou, addressing a cabinet meeting on Thursday, said that the government's handling of the Medium-Term fiscal strategy programme and the Memorandum "are not combined with a referendum".

Papandreou added that self-evident dilemmas are never provided for a referendum, but reminded that he has committed himself on the tabling of a law governing referendums so that it will be ready whenever needed.

He told ministers that it is his steadfast position for the citizen to be given a say "whenever necessary" and in any case he implemented it in 2004 with the election of PASOK president by the grassroots.

He also told ministers that for this reason he has requested from Interior Minister Yiannis Ragoussis to proceed with the preparation of the law, a draft plan of which will be given to the ministers for discussion.

Papandreou further said that the coming days and weeks are crucial, adding "we shall do our duty," while stressing that sending a strong message of unity is of a determining character.

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