Wednesday, June 15, 2011

EU Madness Explained

A report of insane objectives set out by the corrupt, overspending charlatans in the EU Parliament, reaches such levels of ridiculousness that its Rapporteur offers an "Explanatory Statement" which contains the following insight into the lunacy by which all connected with the evil EU project are possessed.

The report is linked here, and the passage that hit my eye in particular is the following from Page 37 of the pdf document, dated 26th May 2011:

The crisis and severe constraints in public spending have made it more difficult for some Member States to provide sufficient funding not only to develop their own economies but also to help them participate fully in the internal market. This is one of the reasons why EU action is today more necessary than ever. The EU which is less constrained in its actions by day-today economic, financial, and political realities is best placed to carry out long-term planning and to mobilise the required spending.

How is it possible, other than in the realms of fantasy, for the EU to have greater resources than the contributions of the participating member states can provide?

Is it any wonder that all involved in this horrendous anti-democratic and increasingly totalitarian enterprise, pay themselves, award themselves obscene pensions and perks and provide themselves with entertainments and facilities undreamt of down the ages - all in the incredible and obviously mistaken belief, that the EU can somehow produce assets out of thin air by the mere fact of its supposedly mysterious existence.

Shut it down, if you believe we might miss it in some way, then read the entire linked document and be prepared to be horrified!

The UK House of Lords report on the EU Budget after 2014 (MFF) is linked here.

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