Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NHS Stupidity & Political play acting

No reform of the NHS, nor repair ofthe nation's finances, can occur unless the NHS becomes mainly funded through majority self-insurance. Meantime national hypocrisy becomes the order of the day and the end result is as shown in this video:

In the accompanying Daily Telegraph article, the incident is explained with this significant quote:

Mr Nunn had previously written to The Daily Telegraph about the “dress code” imposed on his hospital.

“I now have to half undress to see my patients, and have certainly not been provided with any protective uniform, any more than I was provided with a white coat,” he wrote in 2007.

“While I wholeheartedly endorse any measure to reduce the risk of infection, I cannot see this but as window dressing. The problem of cross-infection in hospitals in Britain is caused by an adherence to the use of open wards instead of individual rooms, and by the level of bed-occupancy caused by the reduction of total bed numbers, and the need to ‘hot-bed’ to achieve government-dictated targets.”



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