Wednesday, June 22, 2011

European Arrest Warrant - The Enforcement of Tyranny!

This blog has recently attacked Viviane Reding the EU Justice Commissioner and one of severla Vice Presidents of that useless body, for her extreme and fanatical views on European Federalism, read here, her latest offering, insultingly delivered in London, being linked here.

Instead of travelling across Europe trumpeting the eradication of democracy across the entire EU, thus almost the whole of a once free and democratic Europe, this woman should steer clear of discussing "islands" and/or  "islanders", subjects on which her ignorance seems almost complete! Time spent considering her job description and pondering on what Justice really means, also seems necessary.

Any definition of Justice, as accepted down the ages, would not include what is described as follows, a radio interview with one of many victims of the European Arrest Warrant broadcast on BBC Radio 4 this morning.

Here (the live link is delayed due to "problems at the BBC) it will be added when available or check the linked page for 07:50 am). Update 1230 GMT., the interview may now be heard from here.

Any having the stomach to read Reding's latest speech, and make it to the end without feeling outraged, may like to note that in my view one change to her last sentence alone would deliver the very sad truth:

Without justice there would Within the EU there can be no justice and therefore quite simply be no neither freedom and no  nor society.

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Anonymous Dr Miguel-Angel Meizoso said...

Good evening:

Let me first congratulate you for this article and for your useful blog.
My home is the UK and I am a victim of the EAW -please visit to learn more. Last week, my case has widen the scope for abuse when the Supreme Court rejected a review of my case despite that, on Appeal, fair Lord Justice Moses certified the point of public interest of my case, as my EAW was issued by an Investigative magistrate from Majorca (institution antidemocratic, inherited from Franco's dictatorship as the Spanish Justice Secretary stated in TV interviews that you can watch in my website on a malicious private complaint alleging that I have the “intention of enriching myself with the sale of a national heritage site protected by the Foundation of public interest that I chair”. The Spanish Foundation Law does not allow to sale the object of Foundation and the Spanish Department of Culture has the powers of Protectorate.
The Supreme Court refusal to review my case is in contradiction with the review open by the British government to reform the Extradition Act 2003 as they finally grew aware of the thousands of victims the EAW causes every year, and the review opened recently by the European Commission. ...

This means that from now on anyone could be extradited from the UK on a mere private complaint without substantiation...

As I fear for my life if extradited to Majorca (the real estate development Mafia is instigating the abusive EAW against me) I started a claim for political asylum in the UK which has suspended the execution of the abusive extradition. This is the first time asylum is needed against an EU country.

Thanks for your consideration.
Best wishes.

Dr Miguel-Angel Meizoso
founder of:

12:03 AM  

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