Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Der Spiegel concludes that crushing Europe is the sole solution!

In a five page article, titled "How the Euro became Europe's greatest threat", this  week's Der Spiegel International discusses the travails of the Euro, link,  and the outlook for Europe. After my reading it, I believe a better title may have been "The Euro is Kaput!" That said, the conclusion and the aftermath it portends, is exactly as this blog has ever feared, I quote:

....many politicians specializing in financial and economic affairs recommend bringing about the political union of Europe as quickly as possible, a union with a strong central government.

They argue that if the nations in the euro zone formed a closer union, they could coordinate their financial systems more effectively, thus providing the common currency with a political foundation. This would make it easier to implement reforms in the recipient countries and improve their competitiveness. Just recently, ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet proposed installing a European finance ministry equipped with the right to intervene in the individual member states.

NEVER overlook the fact, that amidst all this talk of greater economic integration, the EU is a democracy free organisation. Allowing this to proceed could condemn generations of Europeans yet to be born to years of servitude, given the powerful new weapons now available to the State with the internet, and the EU's past track record of disregard for its own rules and riding roughshod over referendum results it chooses not to like!

The world is unlikely to have ever seen anything so controlling or grotesque as that which the EU now looks set upon trying to achieve.

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