Tuesday, June 21, 2011

EU Treaty Article 66 & Surging SE England house price rises.

Last night in Parliament, as may be seen at 6 minutes 15 seconds into the video linked from the posting immediately below, the spectre of the EU Council having the right to ban movements of capital to countries outside the EU, was raised by Gisela Stuart MP.

Such a ban would deal a death blow to the City of London, and the mere fact of the existence of such draconian powers is clear evidence of the treason that has been underway in the Palace of Westminster over many years.

Happily the authority of the European Council, with its ludicrous Gollum-like figurehead Van Rompuy in charge, is rapidly losing the small shreds of authority it once may have commanded. The farce of Jean-Claude Juncker's weekend Ecofin Euro Group outcome, and the horrendous debts incurred by Jean-Claude Trichet's misgovernance of the ECB, all point to an early end to the dagger that has for long been pointed at the heart of the City of London from Frankfurt.

One is tempted to wonder if the rise in property prices, as reported by Bloomberg in this link, now being experienced and anticipated in London and the South East, is a sign of a coming re-inforcement in the world role of the City.

The interjection by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, into the debate over a Greek default, could well be another sign of the shift that may be taking place; Westminster, having ceded its law-makng powers to Brussels, may find them, once reclaimable, eventually coming to rest elsewhere!

If the EU Council wished to ensure a quick and final end to the EU fiasco, trying to activate Aricle 66 with the City of London in their sights, could perhaps find no quicker means to bring a halt to the Euro's death struggles! Surely such an event would finally end any further monetary transfers to the EU, or would Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Hague continue to consider only their own personal finances which they clearly hope to promote through their ongoing subservience to a clearly collapsing EU, by their ruthless trampling over the economic well-being of the people of Britain.

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