Monday, June 20, 2011

BBC risks annihalation by continuing its cover-up of EU Truths

Reuters reports on the mass outrage in Europe's media over the incompetence of the Continent's leaders, linked here.

No such risk for the thoroughly indoctrinated pro-EU BBC, following in their footsteps, as I noted earlier today on their reporting of the latest Greek bail out fiasco. My attention has been drawn to a portion of a report by a BBC reporter who has reorted on the potential for a backlash. He is Paul Mason and the report in question is quoted on the "Calling England" blog, linked here, the quote:

And I will repeat the point about hostility to the media: it's not a problem for me and my colleagues to be hounded off demos as "representatives of big capital", "Zionists", "scum and police informers" etc. But to get this reaction from almost every demographic - from balaclava kids to pensioners - should be a warning sign to the policymaking elite. The "mainstream" - whether it's the media, politicians or business people - is beginning to seem illegitimate to large numbers of people.

Pretty obvious that Brussels fattened and bloated,Patten who runs the BBC Trust, will protect the EU and his pension to the bitter end, just like his fellow EU pensioners in the House of Lords, as mentioned in my posting below.

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