Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Will Greek Government face Confidence Vote without electricity today?

A report on Monday's power cuts, from an English version of the paper Kathimerini, may be read here. Good job that today is the longest day of the year, giving daylight late into the evening when the vote is planned to take place. Let us hope the voting procedures in Greece ape those of Westminster and do not require electricity!

The real crunch vote in Greece will not take place until a week today, when the newest austerity measures are to be voted upon. A Reuters report on that, is linked here, which ominously for the EU leadership, (if such a tag can still be applied to the headless chickens now careering around and between Europe's Capitals) also carries the news that the contrived 'voluntary' rollover of Greek debts would be deemed a default event by the credit rating agency, Fitch!

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