Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spineless Worm taunt in Finnish debate on latest EU Bail Out

 A good description of most of Britain's Parliamentarians (see our earlier posts on events in Westminster yesterday) was used in Finland's Parliament as the EU trampled upon another once Sovereign Parliament thanks to the treachery of the elected "so-called" representatives. I quote, from here:

“Spineless worm”
The True Finns Party chair Timo Soini sharply criticised the Portugal package during Tuesday’s debates.
He suggested that the parliament should not approve the package, but instead allocate the funds to help Finns in financial difficulties. According to Soini, the rescue packages for Greece, Ireland and Portugal do not help those countries’ people.
Soini lashed out both at the parties that had handled the issue and the ones who supported the bailout. He aimed particular criticism at the Green League and the Left Alliance.
Soini called the Left Alliance a spineless worm, among other things, and reminded the party that a negative position would not be possible for them as a government party once another bailout request rolled around.
The Left Alliance’s chair Paavo Arhinmäki countered that the party stands staunchly by its election promises.
“We are trying. We’re not that spineless worm that burrows into the ground at the first sight of difficulty and tries to hide from the situation,” Arhinmäki said. 

The package is voted upon today, and will probably pass following the various manipulations over whether it is a matter for the last Parliament or the next.

What a shameful state Europe is in! Meantime Mme Christine Lagarde has launched her attempt to be next IMF Managing Director, it would be a shameless world that appointed her!

It comes to something when even the BBC notices something is wrong, read from here. Although the comment titled "The people versus a European elite" seems prompted by two US commentators as quoted below:

Writing in the New York Times, Ross Douthat notes the "crisis of the European dream - the vision of a continent without borders or divisions, supervised by a benevolent and cosmopolitan elite".

But perhaps the most serious criticism of Europe's elite relates to their handling of the crisis in the eurozone.
They have insisted that the only way forward is slashing spending and reducing deficits. But the strategy divides opinion. The economist Paul Krugman notes that "objections that these programs would be self-defeating - not only would they impose large direct pain, but they also would, by worsening the economic slump, reduce revenues - were waved away."

Bloody odd, is it not that the BBC Europe Editor, has to rely on US sources to report on the real events and popular feeling in the area which he supposedly covers? The BBC should repay the supposed "loans" received from the EU and begin putting some proper reporters on the job. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard seems to have gone missing from the Telegraph stable of late, how about him?

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