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When National Courts are Defied - The EU gains again. Plus Barnier's plea for World Governance!

Spain's Constitutional Court ruled there were to be no demonstrations in Spain this weekend. At 2400 hours, midnight last Friday, thousands of silent protesters with sticky tape over their mouths and bare hands held high, silently greeted the new day, watched over by occasional policeman, their riot gear for now laid aside. As Saturday arrived and the illegality of their presence took effect a huge cheer swept across the thousands there assembled to celebrate their protest. If my words do not convey the feeling and seriousness of this moment, I posted a video of the scene from Madrid as the clock struck, which may be viewed from the post below this. The Irish Times also has a good report from Spain, linked here, from which I quote this significant passage:

"Protesters were also gathered in Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Bilbao and other cities, as they have been all week, urging people not to vote for Spain's two main parties, the ruling Socialists or the centre-right opposition Popular Party in tomorrow's local elections."

Here is the new theme for Europe, seen recently in Finland! Most main political parties across Europe do indeed deserve electoral annihilation, but we must retain the authority of our national courts, or our streets will become the sole property of the riot-gear clad goons of Europol!

In England, in an action that appears to be deliberately designed to destroy the respect for our judiciary and legal system, super injunctions have become the norm, ludicrously forbidding, under penalty of fines or imprisonment, the very reporting of their existence. If judicial greed is not the motive for such an outrage against all norms of justice, where secret courts are surely one of the most fundamental outrages against all our historical liberties, then the only realistic alternative I can divine is that our senior justices are determined upon undermining the authority of our national courts, if so I presume, this can only be to enhance the authority of courts from the EU, thus aiding our newly subversive legal establishment in the near open state of warfare that now exists between them and our Parliament.

In Britain, the open defiance by thousands of tweeters, and also on the internet, of one such super injunction (comically involving a mere footballer) has turned the intent of the secret gagging order into farce, spreading information far beyond the litigant's zone of celebrity, while another, far more serious, was exposed in Parliament, as I posted on this blog earlier this week.

The danger in all this is that it advances the power and control of the non-democratic and increasingly fascist EU at the expense of the authority of our national legal systems, which with our parliaments neutered, have now become the last bastion for the protection of our few remaining liberties. Therefore this is an ominous development indeed.

Yesterday I Fisked the Humboldt University, Europe Day speech of Michel Barnier delivered 9th May which ended with the following demand, regarding world governance:

"For world governance, the table around which today’s G20 gather will not be enough. Europeans need to be active partners, not mere spectators That is why the unity of Europe remains a new and just idea."

The entire terrifying but predictable speech, heralding a new dawn for planned Franco-German Imperialism giving new life to the ideas expounded by Napoleon and Kaiser Wilhelm II, may be read in French, German and English from this link.
My Fisking of the speech has been posted to the "Orphans of Liberty" web site, linked here, including far superior and better informed comment from Anne Palmer. 

Posts to the Orphans of Liberty site, however, appear only after some considerable time delay, so in view of the rapidity with which events now seem to be unfolding  falling apart, and as it is a Sunday morning, and many of my readers will have plenty of reading time available, given the quantity of pure garbage in the UK Sunday press, I post Anne Palmer's comments on the speech herewith:

My thoughts-at least a few of them- on Michael Barnier’s Speech at Humboldt University 9th May 2011.

From the Speech, “In my heart, I am convinced that Churchill, De Gaulle and Adenauer - who I deeply admired because they were passionately patriotic while also being pragmatic and clear-sighted, would today say that defending one’s national interest can no longer be a purely national matter1.”
I doubt very much Churchill would have agreed with that, for.   “When I warned them [the French Government] that Britain would fight on alone whatever they did, their generals told their Prime Minister and his divided Cabinet, "In three weeks England will have her neck wrung like a chicken." Some chicken! Some neck! Winston Churchill.”
Speech: “For 60 years we have been building Europe for its citizens and in their name; but too often we have been doing it without them”.  EXACTLY! A rather foolish thing to do when what they wanted was to be permanent.
Speech:With hindsight, I think that it was a mistake to talk so much of the engine and mechanics of Europe instead of talking about the road we are travelling on together, the stages along the way, and its destination”.   The real destination was always hidden from the people, and it is my belief it always will be.   Quite Simply, MP’s want their jobs and their pay still, and here in the UK, to do what they have done, hidden, stealthily was and is, I believe, treason, according to their Oaths of Allegiance and Common Law Constitution.
Speech:And today's world is not easy. It is a period of uncertainty and of an unclear future, a time of shrinking room for manoeuvre. But one thing that I am absolutely sure of, is that this period will be even more difficult if every European tries to go it alone, fighting his own corner, rather than working together”.  We have fought two World Wars-alone in that no one was tied by Treaties but true friends came and fought along side of us.  They lent us money which may have taken 60 years to pay off, but that was true friendship. 
Speech:As President Obama told the American people: “The rules have changed. The world has changed2They have indeed.  Certain people want full power over-all.  It is a move backwards when people were slaves and had to do as they are told in everything.  We elect politicians only to realise that our Country gets fined by the EU, millions of pounds if they do not quite “get things right”,  soon also there are to be changes, for our Country and Nation of ENGLAND is to be divided up into local Regions and then, the EU fines will have to be paid by those in the now EU Regions.
Speech:If we do not create now a society which chooses moderation, we will be forced into a society which faces deprivation”.   Sheer Rubbish and a desire to becoming a control freak.
Speech:  This cannot be done in a day, but Europe must forge ahead. Putting into place a European ecological taxation system and making the European greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme (ETS) set up in 2005 work are urgent challenges”.   This as we all know is a “Con” and a way of taking money off vulnerable people.   The planet is NOT saved by the Emission’s Trading Scheme, at all, for all its does is one Country pays for “nothingness” in return.  It allows the one country to give money to another Country for “points” for the once rich Country to cover their emission’s target set by foreigners in the EU.   Emissions continue to go up, but in another part of the World.
Speech:  “But the return to growth presupposes rediscovering trust, trust which was severely undermined by the economic crisis. And rightly so, since taxpayers have been called upon repeatedly to pay for the consequences of irresponsible behaviour or a lack of collective oversight”.   The question must be asked here, ‘just how much longer are they people going to pay’?    The people are getting at tad fed up of continually ‘paying’ when their money is being wasted, or they are losing their jobs and some, sadly, their homes yet still the EU gets paid billions.  Mad schemes like the (EU’S) Localism Bill and HS2, (from the EU’s TEN-T Policy), goes ahead, costing even more billions, but what will they do when the “penny” drops and the people no longer pay their taxes on anything?
Speech: “Even more seriously, the crisis revealed that the rules which we thought provided a solid basis for our currency were not sufficient. And I am fully aware of what monetary and financial stability represents for a country such as Germany, and rightly so”.   It could never withstand what has taken place, and because this Country has to also contribute to the EURO’s failure, the British might also go down-who will them help the Brits out then?
Speech:  “At the heart of everything that is at stake with governance, it would appear logical that the positions of President of the Euro-Group and Commission Vice-President for economic affairs should be held by the same individual, as was done for foreign policy with the High Representative.”   Ah!  So we are talking of some-one like the President of the United States of America eh?
Speech:  “In 1960, we had the will to create a common food and agriculture policy which today generates more jobs than the automobile sector.
We now need this same political will to promote our strategic industrial sectors”.  So, the EU did not learn with the destruction of our farming and fishing industries, it want to finish off the rest? Alleged leaders of the once sovereign Country’s may want this, but the people do not.  However, if it comes into being, there is absolutely no point in having any NATIONAL Parliaments at all.  The people simply cannot afford all the EU Regions and for Government to go on as they are at present, pretending to Govern.
Speech:  “I believe that Europe needs to be united to be strong, and that to be respected, we need a political Europe.”  I doubt you will even get one-at least, not with the UK in it.
Speech”  “The consequences of a failure of the EU to take control of its own security and defence would be heavy with consequences.
The EU has legitimacy in the area of defence, as it does in other areas. This is the belief that has led France, under President Sarkozy, to take up its full role within NATO”.    I have already written a great deal on Defence and what is happening in that area by the EU already. I make no further comments on here expect to say, it is and must remain the responsibility for their own National Security perhaps with the help of their true friends, and never, never allow other Country to know what their own Country has in man power or equipment, and our Nation in particular should always be “at the ready”.

Speech: intertwined with my comments: “There is one last challenge that needs to be taken up, one that is the keystone of all the others. That is the challenge of European democracy.
That of the trust of the people!” I comment only on matters here in the UK.  Most people in the UK no longer TRUST any British Politician, because right from the very first EU Treaty, they have been told lie after lie. ‘There will be no loss of essential sovereignty’. “Like the Beano Comic” etc    is ingrained in everyone’s mind. Every British Government has been “economical with the truth” where the EU is concerned. They pass all EU legislation as if it is their own idea.  (Such as the present Localism Bill and HS2).
Basically because continental Countries have been over-run in the war, they now have written constitution which can be changed quite easily.  The UK cannot just ‘change’ their Common Law Constitution easily or if at all, because each section of it-usually bound by Treaties, cannot be done.  If the Treaty and Act of Union 1688/9 is altered for instance, should Mr Salmond decide Scotland should break away from the United Kingdom, that would also affect the Act of Settlement which ‘nudges’ the Commonwealth., and so on.  Although Governments have simply ignored them, they obviously should not have done so.  The changes made to the House of Lords  may one day come back to haunt them, yet STILL they want to change the Lords yet again-it is like cutting off your own legs because you prefer artificial ones.
 “That of the “desire to be together that I mentioned at the beginning of my speech”.  The desire is to go for holidays on those beautiful places, but not to be ‘together’ for always.  Even then, they are not “together” because the British people do not usually understand the language.  
“Citizens need to be told the truth. The truth about where we are headed. The truth about what we are within this union. And about what we are not.”   Without doubt the people do need to be told the truth, so why on earth didn’t you say exactly where the EU is going while you have our attention Commissioner Barnier?  A missed opportunity.  A golden opportunity.   What do you think the reaction to the truth would have been?  You may never know now because the truth has never been told, has it?
“We are a continent where every people, every religion and every opinion is respectable and respected”.  And we are an Island Nation, yet any opinion the people might have here in the once free Country of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is ignored.  However, without our once sovereign Government having the ability to close our borders any longer, we are getting a tad full up and certainly the pockets are getting empty, so soon, we may not be able to afford to pay our Contributions to the EU, and soon, ‘er long, we will have to leave.
“And yet, we are not a single European people. We cannot be a European nation. There is no question of a federal state which would take the place of the nation states or the regions”.   YET!  Leave all that until we are out of the EU and FREE.
“Today, we include 27 peoples who express themselves in 23 official languages. We are 27 nations and 27 countries, all of which hold their differences, traditions and cultures close to their respective hearts”.  Instead of “embracing” that, our Government has dumbed down our children and instead of learning foreign languages, they can hardly speak properly in their own English Language
“And yet, these 27 nations have chosen to live and act together rather than to simply coexist beside each other. They have chosen to share many of their policies and voluntarily pool their sovereignty, simply to create European sovereignty”.  The people of this nation have certainly NOT chosen to ‘live and act together’, they never had the chance to.  Would perhaps you Sir, like to ask them now?  They most certainly have not chosen to share their policies and most certainly never would “pool their Sovereignty” whether temporarily of permanently.  The people have never been asked.  It is far too late to ask them now because according to their loyal and true Oaths of Allegiance to the British Crown and through the Crown to all the people in this land and further a field to all the Commonwealth, to violate that Oath of Allegiance is the greatest betrayal of all.  It must also be remembered that when a person is born here in the United Kingdom, from the moment anyone is born here, it is as if they have already said that Oath, for they have the protection of the Crown from that moment.  We can never be European citizens for we are an Island race, we fought to be free from foreign rule as did the proud nations before us, on the Continent.  If they chose to give up that freedom, that is up to them.  The British people have never given their consent to be ruled by foreigners-which is also contrary to their constitution- and they never will. 
Speech :  We have five years before us. We do not have much more time to choose our destiny. Over the next five years, there will be presidential or legislative elections in almost all of the 27 EU countries. A new European Parliament will be elected in 2014. We will decide on the EU budgets and the common policies that this budget will have to fund for seven years”.   And we have a government that at this moment in time is putting EU legislation through Parliament, The Localism Bill which will try its best to divide-PERMANENTLY- the Nation and Country of ENGLAND into the 12 EU’s Regions.  Why exactly is a British Government doing that?  Why would they set about destroying their own Country?  Why another layer of Governance?  Is this the last Government we shall have in our Houses of Parliament?  With elected Mayors and a Cabinet in each Region plus everything that goes with that, we certainly will not require TWO FULL TO THE BRIM HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT. 
Speech:  I appeal to the 27 Heads of State and Government and to President Herman van Rompuy. This unity is in their hands. There are valid reasons for making a new deal with the citizens of Europe for each of the challenges I mentioned”.  I do not think you will be asking us in the UK to fund anything for seven years.   Do you?   Unity is in the hands of the people, and the people are no longer going to remain “Spectators”. Anne Palmer 19.5.2011.

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The good thing about world governance is that there will be an almighty bunfight over who will be the top dog running it and that should aid the fight for freedom.

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