Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Britain's Press Silent on Whip's Parliamentary Putsch!

Nothing happened in Westminster of any consequence at all, one would assume by reading the morning press from the UK. I have scoured the news pages, entered every combination of search words and terms that could in any way be applied to yesterday's debate on our financial assistance to the EU Bail Outs, the result zero, except for this item on the BBC web site.

I have embedded the code for that video above, whether or not it will work in the UK I cannot tell. Please use this link to go directly to the BBC page to view the debate.

If you wish to see the individual who finally sunk Parliament's long historical ability to hold the executive to account for their expenditures, you can see him without dipping into and out of the debate, he is in the lower left hand corner of the screen as Mark Reckless MP, makes his opening remarks. Shamefully, as reported in much more detail in the posting before this, only 46 MPs were prepared to vote to uphold the traditional role of MPs. Who would have thought that the remainder could sink to such depths in one short year since their election?



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