Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finagling Finns Dirty their own Democracy!

An English language report on the unusual nature of events, scheduled to take place this afternoon in the Finnish Parliament, from Helsinki, may be read from here.

Note some of the grotesque gyrations the Finns are now going through, in order to provide Portugal with an EU bail out, which will assuredly prove as useless as that given to Greece one year ago. All quotes come from the linked article:

Soini, whose party opposes the bailout package, promised that his ten-minute speech “will not disappoint”.

One of the issues that Soini planned to touch upon is the morality of the process.
A decision on the bailout question will be made by the new Parliament, but it is being presented to Parliament by the old government, which is still in office in a caretaker capacity as negotiations on the formation of a new coalition are going on.....

An unusual aspect of the process is that the it includes a Parliamentary vote of confidence in a government that will soon leave office....

The Social Democratic Party, which previously opposed EU subsidies for Portugal, now supports the package.

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Blogger James Higham said...

The Finns should stick to the technology boom.

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