Monday, May 23, 2011

Treasures from the threads - Number 63

In response to an article arguing for the motion, against the EU bail outs from the UK, to be put in the House of Commons tomorrow by Mark Reckless MP, linked here, comes this wonderful analogy:

Dawn Carpenter said...
When you train to be a lifeguard, the most important lesson you learn is how to swim up to a drowning man: how to approach him, what to say to him, how to take hold of him -- how to avoid letting him grab hold of you. A man who is drowning is frequently in a state of irrational panic, and he can pull his would-be rescuer under so that both of them drown. That is the state the EU has reached: going under, seizing whatever it can clutch with increasing desperation. We are in financial crisis ourselves, a weak swimmer. The EU will pull us under if we swim up to it. And as it is not a human being but a dirigiste monster that has run amuck, a Frankenstein monster that has turned on its creators, we should not swim out to it. We should stand safe on shore and watch it drown.



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