Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Introducing Baroness HAMAShton!

The HIGHly expensive Representative of the yEUrallinlalaland, Baroness Catherine HamAshton, not content with splurging zillions on EU Ambassadors all around the world to promote a common EU Foreign Policy, that can never exist, is now set to support the known terrorist organisation,already well funded by Iran, HAMAS, read here.

Not only that, while the rest of the world prepares for stagflation, with the only stop thereafter Depression, HAMAShton is planning to increase her spending by 5.9% next year, as may be read here.

What will we get for all that wasted money? Why Cultural Attachées, watch this video and weep:

Seems to me this Lady and Baroness HAMAShton herself, should both be embedded with Hamas!

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