Thursday, May 26, 2011

IMF seeks EU Guarantees to make next Greek lending available.

Slowly but surely reality must seep into the consciousness of the self-deluded bunch who have delivered Europe into bankruptcy and despair. Here I mean the likes of Trichet, Juncker, Schauble, Sarkozy, Markel et al! Reuters has the report on the IMF volte face which this blog has been awaiting all week!

That goes double for the manipulating, malevolent leaders of Britain's three political parties, who have thrown good money after bad throughout this growing crisis, with no proper guarantee it will ever be returned, no hope that it would have the desired effect and with no thought for the certain to be dire consequences, all the while having been outside the always doomed Euro Group!

This cloud cuckooland attitude to the handling of the nation's finances, was again in evidence in Parliament as recently as this very Tuesday, as I reported here.

Cameron, Clegg and the abstention ordering Miliband Minor, are now equally culpable. No doubt they gain comfort from the fact that the country has so far allowed their immediate predecessors, (guilty of similar horrendous outrageous negligence over the economy and treason over the Lisbon Treaty,) to continue to walk free! How long may that last?



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