Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is the EU Parliament covering up for Chris Huhne MP?

Any person who at anytime is occupied (I will not say works, for that implies something useful or productive is being achieved), in and around the European Union, is then compelled to become an agent for that organisation on pain of losing the effectively tax free and obscenely high pension rights they have accrued.

It follows that the EU, thus having their money grubbing agents installed in all the national institutions of governance and power all across the Continent, becomes reluctant to see such agents fall from grace or lose their posts, particularly if they carry such importance as UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. The present holder of that office, Chris Huhne, was interviewed by the police yesterday, regarding his location at a particular time and place. A report is in the Daily Mail this morning, linked here.

Step forward the EU to protect their agent! According to the blog England Expects, linked here, the attendance records covering the period concerned have been removed for Chris Huhne MEP, but remain available for other years. Well, well! All agents are in a position to obtain extra favours, once their controlling power sees them established in a position of power, how else will they continue to function to fulfil their main purpose of overthrowing the status quo to replace it with foreign control?

One must wonder what Huhne's Party Leader, fellow MEP from those days and now Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg can be receiving for delivering the Conservative side of the Coalition Government, gagged and bound for the EU to do with as it wishes?

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