Tuesday, April 05, 2011

ECB' s Chief, Trichet calls for a Federal Europe!

Decades of denial come to this!

According to Open Europe's midday newsletter and press briefing of today, Jean-Claude Trichet admitted last evening that present measures will be insufficient to save the Euro currency and that a Federal EU is now the best way out. The exact unsourced quotation from Trichet, according to Open Europe, was as follows:

“Either we prove that we are able to find the new strong reinforced governance concept, which will fit with a constellation of sovereign states and permit the European Union to face up with the new globalised world. Or, we do not convincingly succeed into this direction, and then a new jump in the institutional framework of Europe toward a political federation will appear necessary.”

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More reporting on Trichet's speech iMarketNews.com here and Reuters vis TrustLaw from here.



Blogger Sue said...

Had to come didn't it? We knew it was their plan all along. That's why we Britons wanted out.

The EU is becoming another Communist State.

Fuckem. I'm not complying and neither will many other Brits!

1:41 PM  

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