Friday, April 01, 2011

Dick Marty being sued for libel over Human Organ Harvesting Affair!

Dick Marty, the Swiss born Council of Europe investigator, born in the mainly Italian speaking Ticino canton, who has previously accused the EU of not wishing the full facts about Kosovo to be revealed, as reported by EU Observer, last February, as may be read from here, is now reported by Swissinfo, linked here, as being sued for libel for €200,000.

Marty's report, demanding urgent action to uncover the facts about the "yellow house", seems to have been left unnoticed since then, unsurprisingly in view of the final paragraphs of February's EU Observer report as follows:

"If I gave [Eulex] the names of the witnesses I interviewed [as called for by the EU], their lives would immediately be under threat."
Instead, a special investigation unit from abroad with a credible witness protection programme is needed, suggested the Swiss politician - something he feels Europe will oppose as it will expose their previous unwillingness to act.
"Europe is never going to accept that. Because it knows that my witnesses would really talk and reveal that a large part of the European politicians knew all along what was going on in Kosovo. Do you really think that Brussels wants to hear something like this," he said.

Marty's fellow Ticinese, former Chief Prosecutor for the UN war crimes tribunal, Carla del Ponte, met similar resistance when trying to bring to account those who deliberately turned a blind eye to Kosovan criminality, which remains a continuing stain on the odious organisation the EU has been allowed to become! The EU Parliament and its MEPs are particularly disgraced by their silence and inaction on this matter.

Read the Wikipedia entry on Carla del Ponti's book "The Hunt: Me and the war criminals" from here;  or on the links below for other postings on this blog on the EU and Kosovo.

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