Monday, April 04, 2011

NHS now turns to killing off the new born!

The week before last I posted a blog with the very startling headline "The NHS is a 'moral mistake' - Senior Establishment Figure" which linked to an article describing how elderly people were being deliberately neglected in a manner which amounted to murder. Note the following direct quote:

Now we hear from the Health Service Ombudsman, Ann Abraham, that it frequently neglects old people, often to the extent of killing them.

This morning the Independent reveals unsurprising facts on infant mortality within the NHS. Read it from here 'British maternity wards in crisis', while the Daily Telegraph, in a column by Martin Beckford, asks 'How did David Cameron get in this mess' opening with a picture of a vandalised poster of Cameron making his stupid pre-election pledge on the NHS, which to this writer carries more of a message on his having handed the governance of the country to the Germans, rather than any statement on health!

This posting is however mainly about the NHS, for which there is only one cure, just as in the Treaties delivering our subjugation to the EU, both must be scrapped. The country's navel gazing on health blinds it to our poverty and the lack of sufficient sovereignty which prevents us from reversing it.

Can Cameron and Clegg grasp these fundamental facts? Nothing they have done to date indicates that they have sufficient vision or even the ability to discern the true awfulness of the situation!

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