Monday, April 04, 2011

Cameron commands 4 more Typhoons to Libya - HMS Ark Royal for sale on the internet!

Prime Minister (Vapid) Cameron was in Italy today, avoiding domestic embarassment about the NHS debacle, but following in Blair's footsteps who went to Kuwait, after the first Tornado bombing enforcement of the Iraqi no-fly zone, visiting the RAF pilots, who had executed Prime Ministerial orders to enter combat!

Blood lust is such an ancient force, it is strange how we seem yet unable to fully understand it, especially given how it has apparently repeatedly taken hold of our weaker leaders down the centuries!

Sky News tonight reports that four more Typhoons are to be sent to fight in Libya from Italy, as a result of Cameron's trip. Strange timing on the day of the announcement of 10,500 serviceman being announced as sacked on 1st September of this year.  Does Cameron know how much it costs per hour to keep a Typhoon in the air?

Maybe he does, but he cannot know how much a Typhoon has cost the country to obtain, because there is not a soul on the entire planet who does!

Milksop Ministers for Gormless Government, just as I blogged last week.

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