Tuesday, April 05, 2011

€25 Billion extra austerity for Greece - Asset stripping the next step?

German suggestions at the start of Greece's financial collapse were considered laughable by Euro enthusiasts at the outbreak of the Greek crash. As yet further austerity measures are announced today, totalling another 25 Billion Euros, it must surely be increasingly clear to all, that the only obvious end result, will be a transfer of assets from Greece to the paymaster nation of the EU!

A BBC News report, on the Bild newspaper report, from 4th March 2010, is linked here. In the intervening 13 months Ireland has allowed its politicians to put their country in a similar position to Greece and Portugal now seems certain to follow!

Will the Euro Group Finance Ministers meeting in Budapest this week finally call a halt to this madness and arrange an orderly default by these bankrupt countries, or will the EU project's conspiratorial master plan continue unchecked?

The EU Observer report on the new measures in Greece is linked here. The following are quotes from that article:

A detailed announcement is expected sometime before 15 April. The additional austerity measures aim to bring the country's deficit to below three percent of GDP, as required under the terms of a €110 EU-IMF bail-out.
The move comes atop a separate round of privatisations of state assets including real estate that the government hopes will raise €50 billion in new money.

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